At KANDI IMAJI, we are ready to be the grail that holds your aspirations, then create images you inquired.
We understand it is the sum of all perceptions made by various stakeholders that form your organization image. Organization image is further than brand promises, vision and mission statement, or smart tagline.
A well-designed PR campaign is a key success factor for any future corporate or brand actions and expansions. With dedicated and experienced human resources, Kandi Imaji ready to develop a comprehensive PR campaign to fulfill your organization’s objectives.


In related to the PR agenda that we do, information spawns exponentially and travels by the seconds. We constantly live under media scrutiny.
Thus, with specific experience in handling media matters, Kandi Imaji maintains a close tie with national, regional, and even international media. We can assist your organization or brand in building profile, advancing thought leadership from your organization’s key people or even managing crisis when needed. Our approach towards media is a holistic one where we manage not only reporters on the ground, but also editors and editor-in-chiefs from online as well as offline media.


We embrace IMAGINATION, create POSSIBILITIES and execute with PERFECTION.
We have an extensive experience in planning, managing and executing various corporate events. In short sentence, we create great events!
While there are many other event management companies you can choose to work with, we maintain our competitive edge by combining execution excellence with our understanding about your organization or brand’s needs. We are not just managing event, but we also construct the event in which your organization or brand can benefit long after.


In KANDI IMAJI’s content management team, we create and supervised all your kinds of content, from A to Z, thoroughly.
From the heaviest stuff such as Annual Report, Graphic Standar Manual Book, Marketing Tools, Internal and External Magazine, Calendar, Newsletter down to your Corporate Profile, Video Profile, Brochure or Leaflet.
We believe that what you speak can easily be changed or forgotten, but when you write it down you will be impacted longer than you are expected. Thus, we have been seriously manage your content from every side possible.


It is about targeting specified and qualified audiences, and asking them to experience your brand or product through some interactions.
This later, functionally, has been called as digital marketing. It refers to an integrated strategy involving all forms of online marketing channels, whether they use search engine, online ads, website, video marketing, or mobile application marketing.
In Kandi Imaji we conduct digital marketing program from creating social media channels, developing and managing content for all channels, up to executing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost traffic of your website. Providing solution to help your brand and product to perform better in more strategic way.